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Quality investment advice.

Whether you need help with your savings, investment or retirement planning, our qualified advisers will work with you to find solutions that fit your goals.

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Investment Advice

Shares, ETFs, Index Funds, Bonds... Need help navigating the complex world of Investments?

At The HTL Group we have a team of dedicated investment advisers to help you to understand which investments will be right for you. We work with leading fund managers and investment providers to make sure we can find the perfect investment for you.

If you are serious about building your wealth, get in touch today.

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Bespoke Investment Portfolios

There are over 280 KiwiSaver Scheme funds to choose from, so which one is right for you?

Some clients are looking to build long term wealth, some are looking to have easy access to regular income. We also work with trusts and estates to manage complex requirements to meet the needs of multiple beneficiaries.

We have access to a broad range of investment funds, direct equities and bonds along with term deposits. We hand pick the right mix of investments for our clients. We use a wrap platform to hold all of these different types of investments in one place. You can have more than one investment fund if you have different goals, for example you may choose to have a long term savings investment and a shorter term travel fund. Or you may wish to have a fund set up to bequeath to your grandchildren, and another for your own personal use. Whatever your needs, we can develop the right investment.

We form a close working relationship with our clients and review investments regularly to make sure we are on track to achieving your goals. You can also keep track of your investment online.

KiwiSaver Scheme Advice

There are over 280 KiwiSaver Scheme funds to choose from, so which one is right for you?

Your goals and situation are unique to you.

Our advisers will make sure you have considered all of the factors that are important to achieving your goals. We help you to understand all the confusing jargon and make investing simple.

From banks to boutique managers, we work with a range of reputable KiwiSaver Schemes to give you choice and flexibility. Our experienced advisers will help you to identify a KiwiSaver Scheme fund that offer the right mix of:
  • Risk profile
  • Returns
  • Investment style
  • Fees

Superannuation Schemes

Need help understanding your Superannuation scheme?

Our advisers are experienced in understanding personal superannuation and employer sponsored schemes

If you need impartial advice about the pros and cons of

  • KiwiSaver vs a superannuation scheme
  • Consolidating your retirement savings and investments

or help to navigate the terms and conditions of your scheme

We are happy to help.

Our Investment Advisers

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Lindsay Thomson

Director & Financial Adviser


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Allie Black

Director & Financial Adviser


KiwiSaver & Super

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Arna Howard

Financial Adviser


KiwiSaver & Super